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North & South America
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61.4°W EchoStar 18
61.5°W EchoStar 15
61.5°W EchoStar 16
63.0°W Telstar 14R
65.0°W Star One C1
65.0°W Eutelsat 65 West A
67.0°W AMC 4
67.0°W AMC 6
70.0°W Star One C2
70.0°W Star One C4
71.8°W Arsat 1
72.0°W AMC 3
72.7°W Nimiq 5
75.0°W Star One C3
77.0°W QuetzSat 1
78.0°W Simón Bolívar
78.8°W Sky Mexico 1
81.0°W Arsat 2
82.0°W Nimiq 4
83.0°W AMC 9
83.8°W Hispasat 84W-1
84.0°W Star One D1
85.0°W AMC 16
85.1°W XM 3
85.2°W Sirius XM 5
86.2°W Sirius FM 5
87.0°W SES 2
87.2°W TKSat 1
89.0°W Galaxy 28
91.0°W Galaxy 17
91.1°W Nimiq 6
93.1°W Galaxy 25
95.0°W Intelsat 31
95.0°W Galaxy 3C
95.0°W Spaceway 3
95.1°W Intelsat 30
97.0°W Galaxy 19
97.1°W EchoStar 19
99.0°W Galaxy 16
99.2°W Spaceway 2 & DirecTV 11
99.2°W DirecTV 14
100.8°W DirecTV 8
101.0°W SES 1
101.2°W DirecTV 4S
102.8°W DirecTV 15
102.8°W Spaceway 1 & DirecTV 10/12
103.0°W SES 3
105.0°W AMC 15
105.0°W AMC 18
107.1°W EchoStar 17
107.3°W Anik F1R
107.3°W Anik G1
109.2°W Telstar 12
109.8°W DirecTV 5
110.0°W EchoStar 10
110.0°W EchoStar 11
111.1°W Anik F2
113.0°W Morelos 3
113.0°W Eutelsat 113 West A
114.8°W Mexsat Bicentenario
115.0°W Eutelsat 115 West B
115.0°W XM 4
116.0°W Sirius FM 6
116.8°W Eutelsat 117 West A
117.0°W Eutelsat 117 West B
118.8°W Anik F3
119.0°W DirecTV 7S
119.0°W EchoStar 14
121.0°W EchoStar 9/Galaxy 23
123.0°W Galaxy 18
124.9°W AMC 21
125.0°W Galaxy 14
127.0°W Galaxy 13/Horizons 1
129.0°W Galaxy 12
129.0°W Ciel 2
131.0°W AMC 11
133.0°W Galaxy 15
135.0°W AMC 10
139.0°W AMC 8

Colour codes on this regional index: no data/L/S/Ka band C band C & Ku band Ku band moving

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