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169.0°E Horizons 3e
162.0°E Superbird B3
150.5°E BRIsat
150.0°E JCSAT 1C
146.0°E Nusantara Satu
145.0°E Express AMU7
134.0°E Apstar 6D
130.0°E ChinaSat 2D
125.0°E ChinaSat 6C
110.0°E BSAT 4B
101.4°E ChinaSat 9B
98.0°E ChinaSat 11
98.0°E ChinaSat 2E
97.3°E G-Sat 9
95.0°E JCSAT 16
80.0°E Express 80

Colour legend: (based on your location)
Beam: Within footprint center Within footprint Outside of footprint Below horizon Beam data unavailable
Frequency: Ku band C band S/Ka band - -

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