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Asia & South Pacific
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177.0°W NSS 9
177.0°W Yamal 300K
180.0°E Intelsat 18
172.0°E Eutelsat 172A
169.2°E Intelsat 1R
169.0°E Intelsat 805
166.0°E Intelsat 19
164.0°E Optus 10
162.0°E Superbird B2
162.0°E JCSAT 16
160.0°E Optus D1
159.0°E ABS 6
157.0°E Telkom 2
156.0°E Optus C1
156.0°E Optus D3
154.0°E JCSAT 2B
152.0°E Optus D2
144.0°E Superbird C2
142.0°E Apstar 9
140.0°E Express AM5
140.0°E Express AT2
138.0°E Telstar 18
134.0°E Apstar 6
132.0°E JCSAT 5A
132.0°E Vinasat 1
131.8°E Vinasat 2
128.5°E LaoSat 1
128.0°E JCSAT 3A
125.0°E ChinaSat 6A
124.0°E JCSAT 4B
122.2°E AsiaSat 4
120.0°E AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7
119.5°E Thaicom 4
118.0°E Telkom 3S
116.1°E ABS 7
116.0°E Koreasat 6
116.0°E Koreasat 7
115.5°E ChinaSat 6B
113.0°E Koreasat 5
113.0°E Palapa D
110.5°E ChinaSat 10
110.0°E N-Sat 110
110.0°E BSAT 3A
110.0°E BSAT 3C/JCSAT 110R
110.0°E JCSAT 15
108.2°E NSS 11
108.2°E SES 7
108.2°E SES 9
107.0°E Telkom 1
105.5°E AsiaSat 7
103.5°E ChinaSat 2C
103.0°E Express AM3
101.4°E ChinaSat 9A
100.5°E AsiaSat 5
98.0°E ChinaSat 11
97.3°E G-Sat 9
96.5°E Express AM33
95.0°E NSS 6
95.0°E SES 8
93.5°E Insat 4B
93.5°E G-Sat 15
93.5°E G-Sat 17
92.2°E ChinaSat 9
91.5°E Measat 3
91.5°E Measat 3b
91.4°E Measat 3a
90.0°E Yamal 401
88.0°E ST 2
87.5°E ChinaSat 12
86.5°E KazSat 2
85.2°E Intelsat 15
84.8°E Horizons 2
83.0°E Insat 4A
83.0°E G-Sat 10
83.0°E G-Sat 6
82.5°E G-Sat 19
81.5°E ChinaSat 1C
78.5°E Thaicom 5
78.5°E Thaicom 6
78.5°E Thaicom 8
76.5°E Apstar 7
75.0°E ABS 2
75.0°E ABS 2A
74.0°E G-Sat 18

Colour codes on this regional index: no data/L/S/Ka band C band C & Ku band Ku band moving

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